We are hoping to train in Florida along the West Coast Tampa area this upcoming season. Scheduling a few games against the Mid Florida Collegiate League in Central Florida. Although we would like to get back to the Southern Collegiate League in Florida. We are committed to be in North Carolina by Memorial Day. So, actual dates and teams are TO BE DETERMINED and we may add to our schedule in the South East corner of our country for our 27th “Red, White, & Blue” Tour.

Following our desire to again play up the East Coast, into New England and New York along with Maryland, Pennsylvania and Connecticut. We have started dialog with several leagues requesting our appearances. The Coastal Plain League, New York League, Atlantic League, New England League, and The Commonwealth League.

Then we will cut across the Country towards the Midwest and  The Mink League, and The Prospect League. We would also like to make new relationships with leagues like the North-Woods, as we revisit many in Indiana, Illinois, Missouri, Minnesota, Iowa, South Dakota and Kansas areas. For years, we have had such tremendous results in raising awareness for Veterans in the Midwest.

The hardest part for us is waiting for the many different time frames that these Leagues have for their scheduling of meetings for their own game schedules.

A couple of the milestone potential events and announcements for our 27th “Red, White & Blue” Tour:

  • We are negotiating with the Naval Academy, Annapolis MD. to play a game at their facility. This has been a 3 year process and would be a great impact on new and upcoming Naval Officers. Especially if they happen to love the game of Baseball. The All*Stars always invites Academy players from all Academies. The Air Force Player this past year, a Junior, Ryan Robb, from CO. was a wonderful addition to our team and a fantastic look into the discipline and talent that comes from the Academies. It also shows them, the players, the other side of the All*Stars coin. Honoring all Veterans with our visits, Pre-Game Honor Ceremony, with the community and media behind it all, as they join the team Barnstorming the Country.
  • Introducing our new General Manager and Coaching Staff to our men.
  • To incorporate the “It’s More Than Just Baseball” Media Day community involvement program.

Stay tuned for updates to be posted as we get closer to our actual season.